About SableFilms International

SableFilms International Inc. is a production and financing company specializing in producing and executive-producing a diverse slate of high quality, commercially viable theatrical features and short forms targeting sophisticated audiences worldwide. Our award-winning team is committed to creating original content, especially in immersive formats, using innovative strategies and approaches in all stages of production. We take extraordinary care to ensure all our productions, from script to screen, are of the highest artistic standard to obtain critical acclaim, loftiest returns to our investors, company, and audience. Along with All Lights Film Services, we offer Oscars Advisory to talents, films, and projects of exceptional quality. SableFilmsSelect is launched to help special talents in the pursuit of their dreams with cash and in-kind assistance. We represent 3D post houses in India, subsidiary of Aries Group Global of Dubai, Yellow Mountain Studio and He Shan Media of China. We are the proud sponsor of the Platinum Award, Awards ceremony and Wonder Women Program of the Satisfied Eye International Film Festival in Epsom, UK. We have also become the transatlantic partner in the expanded SEIFF in 2019 to discover, nurture and support independent filmmakers worldwide.